Dry Slide Rentals

Dry Slide Rentals

Everyone wants to make his or her party memorable. After all, no one wants to remember a boring party. You too must be looking for something fun for your kid at his or her birthday party or in any other event. Many people usually go for moonwalks, bouncers and bounce houses party rentals. However, there are other alternatives such as the inflatable water slides that can also be of great fun.
Inflatable party toys have become popular in parties. Earlier these bouncy houses can only be seen in carnivals and production events. Now they can be seen popping up at birthday parties and are available in retail stores also. Something inflatable is generally an item of comfort and fun compared to hard plastic, steel or wood.
Setting up the water slides
Inflatable water slides are fun for kids at birthday parties, especially in summer. These are inflatable dry slides that are blown up and have a hose put on them. The hose runs continuously so that the slides remain wet all the time. Adding water to the slides bring in the extra fun for kids.
NOTE: Not all dry slides in the market are supposed to be used as water slides. Some of them are not to be used as water slides unless it is specifically designed for both wet and dry sliding.
The slides available for your backyard are generally about twelve feet tall. There are bigger slides that are much taller and can go up to forty feet but they may not be fit for your backyard.
Few cautions that need to be addressed
Before going for a water slide, you should have the details about the water slide set up from the party rental companies. There are few cautions that should be kept in mind. There should be a proper drainage system in your lawn to let the water run. Lack of proper drainage may cause a muddy disaster. Drainage systems are generally set up on hard surfaces like driveways or concrete areas but they are not suitable for water slides as hard slippery surfaces are dangerous for kids to run.
Again, you should keep a check on the fact that the rental company charges you extra if you don’t empty out the water properly. Extra charges may also come up if they have to pick up the slide from a muddy bog.
The kids love to zoom down the water slides. It is a great piece of fun for kids as well as the adults. Happyfaceentertainmentfl.com are highly recognized for their best customer services. They stand to be credible and reliable at all times.
Dry Slides
For cases where dry sliding occurs, also known as absence of fluid film, contact area differs. In the case of fluid film absence, the actual contact between 2 rubbing surfaces involves only sufficient high spots (or asperities), of the softer material so that their yield pressure balances up the total load. Take a case where under a given load, the real contact area is a relatively minute portion of the apparent total area. This tends to increase the surface area in contact proportionately with the load.
There is a need for a measurable force, in order to slide a surface along the contacting asperities (or surface peaks). This particular force must overcome the friction force that is associated with the asperity yield strength. Friction can be reduced by a thin soft coating of a solid film lubricant. The commonly used lubricant materials include ‘graphite’.
Party Slide Rentals
Almost everyone who has thrown a party has probably considered renting an inflatable for the kids to jump on during the party. After all, this keeps the kids occupied while the adults can mix and mingle amongst themselves. But do bounce houses keep your kids occupied the whole party? Most likely they may not do this. That is when you need to consider renting something a bit bigger and eye-catching like a party slide.
Party slides are great because they are unique. These slides come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. There are almost more variations of slides than there are bounce houses. You can rent either a dry slide or a water slide when you are looking at party slides. Water slides are obviously very popular during the summer months, while dry slides work very well indoors and during the fall and winter months.
When you are considering getting a party slide for your next special event, be sure you rent a commercial grade inflatable slide. Some companies may try to rent out residential slides that are not intended for use by a larger number of kids. This is not legal and you should not consider renting a slide from a company like this.
Your kids will go nuts when they see a giant inflatable slide in their backyard for a party. It is truly funny to see how kids react when they first see an inflatable slide. They are surprised that something so big is just filled with air and bouncy so they can bounce and slide on it. The kids at your party will be thanking you for weeks after the party that you rented them a great party slide!
Based on my experience, I would urge you to go for a dry slide. This is for the fact that they are suitable for both adults and kids, unlike wet slides that are suitable for a selective group of adults and kids in general.
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