Inflatable Pool Table

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Attention all pool sharks… There is a new game called the Inflatable Pool Table that is sweeping most events by storm. If your looking to wow your guests with a new Inflatable Pool Table game this is the one for you. This Inflatable Pool Table is played with large pool balls that inflatable and about the size of a soccer ball. The object of the game is just like the real pool game but instead of using your pool stick to hit the cue ball you use your foot. This is a pretty fast paced game and will attract a lot of people just watching and cheering on their favorite pool shark. This Inflatable Pool table is a great item to add to your next lunch time activity at work or for an adult party after hours. We have rented this Inflatable Pool Table to many of the top colleges in Florida and there is always a line to play it. Our Inflatable Pool Table can be played with 2 players at a time or can be played as a team event with 4 players. Be the first at your business or school and have us deliver the Inflatable Pool Table to your next event.

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Inflatable Pool Table

Inflatable Pool Table

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