Ferris-Wheel Bounce House


Every carnival themed event should have a Ferris Wheel Bounce House and now’s your chance to rent one. Towering over 17 feet in the air this Ferris Wheel will be the centerpiece of your next event.

This Ferris Wheel Bounce House includes 4 activities including a large bouncing area on the inside and a carnival game panel on the outside. It also features LED lights for nighttime use so rent one today for your next party or event.

When delivered, bounce houses are secured through the use of stakes and sandbags for both safety reasons, and to make sure the rental stays in it’s designated spot throughout the course of the event. While no bounce house is particular resistant against the elements, this unit has a solid piece of vinyl across the top, so it is much more likely to stay dry inside, during rainy or inclement weather compared to a lot of other bounce houses.

Required Staff: 1   Req’d Volunteers(#): 0
Setup Time: 20 Minutes   Tear down Time: 20 Minutes
Electric: 1 Outlet – 20 Amp
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